Engineers Grow Pancreatic “Organoids” That Mimic Real Pancreas; Studying These Organoids Could Help Researchers Develop and Test New Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer; Development of Specialized Growth Gel by MIT Scientists Is Key to Advance

MIT engineers, in collaboration with scientists at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, have developed a new way to grow tiny replicas of the pancreas, using either healthy or cancerous pancreatic cells. Their new models could help researchers develop and test potential drugs for pancreatic cancer, which is currently one of the most difficult types of cancer to treat. Using a specialized gel that mimics the extracellular environment surrounding the pancreas, the researchers were able to grow pancreatic “organoids,” allowing them to study the important interactions between pancreatic tumors and their environment. Unlike some of the gels now used to grow tissue, the new MIT gel is completely synthetic, easy to assemble, and can be produced with a consistent composition every time.

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