Early Detection of Over 50 Cancers Via One-Draw Blood Test–GRAIL and UK Government Partner to Make Revolutionary GRAIL “Galleri” Test Available to Patients; Potential to Reduce UK Cancer Deaths by 20%; Planned Commercially Availability in USA in 2021

On November 26, 2020, GRAIL, Inc. (https://grail.com/), a California-based healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early, when it has a much greater likelihood of being be cured, announced a partnership with the United Kingdom’s (UK) National Health Service (NHS) to help transform cancer outcomes by making GRAIL’s multi-cancer early detection blood test, Galleri™ (https://grail.com/galleri/), available to UK patients starting in 2021. The commercial partnership program aims to confirm Galleri’s clinical and economic performance in the NHS system as a precursor to its routine use by the NHS. The partnership program will involve approximately 165,000 people in the UK and includes two groups. The first will include 140,000 people over the age of 50 without any suspicion of cancer, and the second will include 25,000 people aged 40 and above with suspicious signs or symptoms of cancer. Based on data from this program, access to the test could be expanded to approximately one million people across 2024 and 2025 and may be rolled out to a larger population thereafter. In a clinical validation study in the U.S., an earlier version of Galleri detected over 50 types of cancer with a low false-positive rate of less than 1% through a single blood draw. Modeling data show that adding Galleri to existing standard of care has the potential to decrease the number of cancers diagnosed at late stage by nearly half, which could reduce the total number of cancer deaths in the UK by approximately one-fifth. “Every year, nearly 200,000 people in the UK die from cancer. Many of these people are diagnosed too late for treatment to be effective,” said Lord David Prior, Chair of NHS England.
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