DZNE Scientist to Be Awarded for Research on Neuronal Regeneration

Neurobiologist Frank Bradke (photo), PhD, a senior researcher at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) and a professor at the University of Bonn, will be awarded with the “Remedios Caro Almela Prize for Research in Developmental Neurobiology,” which is endowed with 25,000 Euros (~$27,750). He is being honored for his ground-breaking research on the growth and regeneration of neurons. The award ceremony will take place in Alicante, Spain in November. Since 2011, Dr. Bradke and his team have been investigating at DZNE how nerve cells grow in their early developmental phases and whether it is possible to reactivate the growth of cells of the central nervous system even in the adult. They have achieved ground-breaking findings in particular about the growth of axons, those long extensions of nerve cells that do not regenerate on their own after lesion and thus play a decisive role in spinal cord injuries and the associated paraplegia. With their work, the scientists are laying the foundations for possible pharmacological therapies for these injuries.

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