Drug Discovery Method Identifies Naturally Occurring Metabolite (Myristoylglycine) That Converts “Bad” Fat (White) to “Good” Fat (Brown); Scripps Research and Calibr Scientists Collaborate to Uncover Potential Therapeutic Avenues for Metabolic Diseases

“Metabolism” describes the body’s chemical changes that create the necessary materials for growth and overall health. Metabolites are the substances made and used during these metabolic processes—or, as a new discovery out of Scripps Research and its drug development arm, Calibr, indicates, they could also be potent molecules for treating severe diseases. In a study published on August 16, 2022 in Metabolites, the researchers used novel drug discovery technologies to uncover a metabolite that converts white fat cells (“bad” fat) to brown fat (“good” fat) cells. This discovery offers a potential way of addressing metabolic conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Even more, it speaks to the promise of using this creative drug discovery method to identify countless other potential therapeutics. The open-access article is titled “Drug-Initiated Activity Metabolomics Identifies Myristoylglycine as a Potent Endogenous Metabolite for Human Brown Fat Differentiation.”

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