David Lyden Wins Paget-Ewing Award from Metastasis Research Society; His Work Supports Century-Old “Seed and Soil” Hypothesis of Metastasis

On January 25, 2024, it was announced that David Lyden, MD, PhD, the Stavros S. Niarchos Professor in Pediatric Cardiology and a Professor of Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medicine, has been named the winner of the 2024 Paget-Ewing Award by the Metastasis Research Society. The Paget-Ewing Award is the highest honor bestowed by the society and recognizes a person’s scientific excellence and substantial contributions to the understanding and control of cancer metastasis. The award is named after Dr. Stephen Paget and Dr. James Ewing, pioneers in metastasis research in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who proposed the two major theories to explain the organ selectivity of metastasis. Dr. Lyden is being recognized for his work identifying the pre-metastatic niche, the cellular and molecular changes in a future organ site destined to become a site of metastatic disease, and his ongoing research targeting the pre-metastatic niche to prevent or better treat metastases. “We found that cancer, once it’s developed, releases factors that are key in setting up metastases,” said Dr. Lyden, who is also a Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology and a member of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center and the Gale and Ira Drukier Institute for Children’s Health.

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