Dovetail Genomics Launches AssemblyLink™ Assay, Unlocking Faster Access, More Accurate Genomes for Biodiversity Research

The Dovetail AssemblyLink Assay empowers researchers to assemble high-quality genomes in record time, accelerating efforts to conserve Earth's incredible biodiversity

Key Takeaways

  • The Dovetail AssemblyLink Assay enables researchers to streamline the genome assembly process by rapidly generating Hi-C-like libraries, cutting the workflow down to a single day.
  • Its highly uniform sequence coverage facilitates critical variant phasing, enabling the production of true haplotype-resolved assemblies and chromosome-scale assembly of higher ploidy genomes.
  • Designed for high-throughput biodiversity labs, the AssemblyLink Assay promises to be the kit of choice for genome scaffolding across a wide variety of species.
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