DNA Script, Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Company, Creates US Subsidiary & Expands Executive Team in US

On November 8, 2018, DNA Script, which describes itself as "the global leader in the development of enzymatic DNA synthesis," announced the creation of DNA Script Inc., its US subsidiary. The company also announced the expansion of its executive team in the US. Dr. Jeffrey Jeddeloh was appointed VP of Business Development and Commercial Strategy to facilitate partnering and strategy implementation. Dr. Stephen Macevicz was named VP of Intellectual Property. The appointment of Dr. Christine Peponnet as VP of Technology Development will strengthen the company's growing research and development organization. "Last month, we announced a major technology milestone for the nascent field of enzymatic DNA synthesis: the world's first synthesis of a 150-nucleotide (nt) strand of DNA using enzymes with up to 99.5 percent efficacy for each nucleotide added — achieving parity with traditional chemical synthesis," said Thomas Ybert, PhD, CEO, and Co-Founder of DNA Script. "In the last year, the company has increased secured financing to $27 million, was granted two patents, filed five new patent applications, and grew its team to 35. This is only a beginning, as we intend to release the first commercial products to early adopters within 12 months. Given the importance of the US market for DNA Script, crossing the ocean and structuring our executive team with industry veterans is absolutely key." Dr. Jeddeloh, 49, joins DNA Script as VP of Business Development and Commercial Strategy, bringing more than 20 years of experience commercializing technology and business leadership in the genomics and molecular biology tools space. He joined Roche after the NimbleGen Systems acquisition in 2007.
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