CytoDyn Provides Comprehensive Update on Leronlimab Drug for COVID-19; Drug Calms “Cytokine Storms,” Restores Immunologic Homeostasis, Reduces Plasma Viral Load; Early Results Suggest Clear Superiority Over Gilead’s Remdesivir; Clinical Trials Described

--Leronlimab Is “Triple Threat” Drug for COVID-19 --Leronlimab Quiets “Cytokine Storms," Restores Immunologic Homeostasis, & Decreases Viral Load --Gilead’s Anti-Viral Remdesivir & Genetech’s Anti-IL-6 Actemra Called “Piecemeal Approaches to Highly Complex Patholgenesis” --Leronlimab Approach Has Wide General Application to All Facets of COVID-19 Infection, Including All Related Co-Morbidities, Including Renal Failure, Liver Failure, & Clotting Issues --Broad Approach of Leronlimab Is Analogized with PDL-1 & Broad Non-Specific Approach of Checkpoint Inhibitor Blockade in Cancer (2018 Nobel Prize) --Leronlimab Predicted to Also Have Effectiveness Against Other Viruses, and Also Against Currently Unknown Viruses That Might Become Future Emerging Threats --RANTES (Master Immunomodulator Molecule) Drives COVID-19 Pathogenesis --RANTES Levels Are 100X Normal in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients --RANTES Binds to CCR5 Receptor on Immune Cells, Launching Vicious Cycle of Immune Cell Recruitment (T-Cells & Macrophages), Local Release of Cytokines and More RANTES, Influx of More Immune Cells, Release of More Cytokines and More RAANTES, and On & On --Body Becomes Literally "On Fire" with Inflammation Causing Mass Multi-Organ System Issues That Can Be Blocked by Leronlimab --Leronlimab Blocks CCR5 Cell-Surface Receptor for Chemokines & Prevents RANTES Binding --Leronlimab Administered in Two Weekly Doses Via Subcutaneous Injection --Gilead’s Remdesivir Is Adminstered Daily in Hour-Long IV Injections --CytoDyn Scientist Argues That Leronlimab Will Be Highly Effective on Its Own, No Need for Combination with Remdesivir --CytoDyn Scientist Sounds Warning on Blood Supply As He Has Found, for the First Time, That COVID-19 Virus Is Present in the Plasma of Patients
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