Creative Biostructure Announces Cryo-EM Based Particle Morphology Analysis Service for Structural Analysis of Mixed Liposome and Exosome Nanoparticles

Creative Biostructure, a biotechnology company that specializes in providing cost-effective services to scientists in the field of structural biology, now provides cryo-EM based particle morphology analysis service for the structural analysis of mixed liposome and exosome nanoparticles. Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) particle analysis technology has become a new force in structural biology and plays an increasingly important role in the structural analysis of mixed liposomes and exosome nanoparticles. Basic information about the nature and source of particulate matter can often be gathered from the size, shape, and/or surface form of individual particles. Using cryo-EM, the particle morphology can be analyzed and the protein structure, when bound to small molecules, can be obtained, which plays an important role in the development of medicinal chemistry. Scientists at Creative Biostructure are working hard to learn from the world's top laboratories and build cryo-EM teams.

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