Creative Biolabs Unveils OncoVirapy™ Platform to Streamline Oncolytic Virus Construction

Creative Biolabs, a prominent global biotechnology services provider, remains dedicated to achieving advancements in cancer therapy. Creative Biolabs proudly introduces the OncoVirapy™ platform, tailored to offer customized oncolytic virus therapy development to researchers worldwide.

Traditional cancer treatments pose inherent limitations; surgery may risk incomplete tumor removal, while chemotherapy and radiotherapy can harm healthy cells. Thus, there is an imperative to explore novel cancer treatment modalities. Oncolytic virus therapy emerges as a promising avenue within cancer immunotherapy, uniquely targeting tumor cells while activating the body's immune response, presenting an optimal solution for cancer treatment. Addressing the escalating demand in this field and the pressing requirement for innovative technical support, Creative Biolabs launches the OncoVirapy™ platform. This comprehensive platform extends a spectrum of oncolytic virus therapy development services for cancer researchers, encompassing virus engineering, cell biology, and animal testing.

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