Creative Biolabs: Launching One-Stop Viral Vector Development for Gene Therapy

Creative Biolabs stands as a pioneering biotechnology company committed to providing experimental services to researchers globally, with a focus on advancing gene therapy's perfection and innovation alongside industry leaders.

In the backdrop of continuous technological advancements, particularly in gene editing, the gene therapy sector is poised for substantial growth. The annual increase in approved gene therapy products in the 21st century underscores the rapid development of this expansive field within medicine. Gene therapy is now seamlessly integrated into a broader spectrum of disease treatments, marking an era of unprecedented progress. Distinguishing itself from traditional small-molecule drugs and large-molecule biologics that operate at the protein level, gene therapy operates at the genetic level. This distinction allows gene therapy to overcome limitations faced by conventional drugs, such as the inability to interfere with protein-protein interactions for small molecules and the challenge for large-molecule biologics to target intracellular pathways.

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