Codiak Initiates Patient Dosing in Phase 1 Clinical Trial of exoASO™-STAT6 in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma, and Liver Metastases from Primary Gastric Cancer and Colorectal Cancer

On June 29, 2022, Codiak BioSciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDAK), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of exosome-based therapeutics as a new class of medicines, announced the initiation of patient dosing in its Phase 1 clinical trial of exoASO-STAT6, an engineered exosome precision medicine candidate designed to selectively deliver antisense oligonucleotides to disrupt STAT6 signaling in tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) and induce an anti-tumor immune response. exoASO-STAT6 is Codiak’s third clinical program and the first to evaluate a systemically administered exosome-based drug candidate.

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