Chromatin Remodeling Defects in Neurodevelopment Disorders Are Focus of Morning Plenary at World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics; Evening Guest Address Delivered by Dr. Amos Oz

JERUSALEM, NOVEMBER 2. Day 4 of the XXIV World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics opened with a plenary address by Li-Huei Tsai, Ph.D., Director of MIT’s Picowar Institute for Learning and Memory. Her address was titled “Chromatin Remodeling Defects in Neurodevelopment Disorders.” In particular, Dr. Tsai’s focused on the role of the HDAC3 gene in Rett syndrome and the role of the CDH8 gene in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Dr. Tsai’s talk was followed by three concurrent science sessions: “Functional Characterization of miRNA Implicated in Psychiatric Syndromes” (with particular emphasis on miR-137 and schizophrenia); “Practicalities of Precision Medicine: Development, Communication, and Engagement,” and “GWAS Studies in Anxiety Disorders.” The afternoon featured two sets of concurrent science sessions and then the early evening talk by the meeting’s guest speaker, Dr. Amos Oz (photo). Dr. Oz discussed his novel “A Tale of Love and Darkness” and the familial aspects of depression and suicide. The afternoon science sessions included “Genetic Studies of Personality, Behavior, and Cognition,” “Methylation Studies,” “Novel Insights, Modeling, and Translational Approaches in Autism-Schizophrenia Spectrum Diseases,” and “Pharmacogenomics of Mood Disorders.” Dr. Oz’s talk was followed by a workshop on “Issues Specific to Women Climbing the Academic Ladder.”
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