Cellect’s Stem Cell Selection Technology Patent Receives Notice of Allowance in Korea

On August 20, 2018, it was announced that, in Korea, Cellect recently signed a collaboration agreement with Cell2in to improve stem cell selection and expansion. The agreement covers use of the ApoTainer™ device, as well as methods employing the device in stem cell selection for conditions including graft-versus-host disease (GvHD). On August 20, 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Cellect Biotechnology Ltd., a developer of a novel stem cell production technology and headquartered in Israel, announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the Korean Intellectual Property Office for its patent titled, "Devices and Methods for Selecting Apoptosis-Signaling Resistant Cells, and Uses Thereof.” This patent, recently granted to Cellect in Europe, addresses the Company's ApoTainer™ device which is used in conjunction with its platform ApoGraft™ technology. "As we expand the number of stem cell industry collaborations for Cellect worldwide, our international patent assets and protections become increasingly important. In the past six weeks alone, we entered into collaborations with companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Korea. Working with industry partners to improve the safety and efficacy of stem cells and expanding regenerative medicine's wide scale-availability and affordability are cornerstones of Cellect's strategy. Our growing IP estate supports this purpose," stated Cellect CEO Dr. Shai Yarkoni. The patent addresses Cellect's devices and methods for specifically selecting desired stem cells from a heterogeneous cell population for use in a range of medical indications. Through negative selection, Cellect's technology identifies mature cells that can be harmful to the recipient and selectively eliminates those cells through apoptosis (cell death).
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