Capricor Announces Publication Highlighting New Advances for its Engineered Exosome Platform; StealthX™ Exosome Platform Shows Multivalent Vaccine Induces Long-Lasting Immunity to Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Proteins

On January 12, 2023, Capricor Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CAPR) a biotechnology company focused on the development of transformative cell- and exosome-based therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of muscular and other select diseases, announced publication of a preclinical study highlighting new advances for its engineered exosome program. The data was published online in the non-peer-reviewed bioRxiv and explored the therapeutic potential of Capricor’s proprietary StealthX™ exosome platform, which generated two vaccine candidates (STX-S and STX-N), that independently, and in combination (STX-S+N) induced a strong immune response against two SARS-CoV-2 proteins, spike and nucleocapsid. Results showed that this multivalent, protein-based vaccine candidate has the potential to achieve potent, longer lasting immunization, broader reactivity, and improved T-cell response with only nanograms of protein without any adjuvant. The data from this study suggests that StealthX™ could deliver a more potent vaccine with broader immunity than is currently available, by combining the advantages of both mRNA and recombinant protein vaccines into a potentially superior, rapidly generated, low-dose vaccine. The article is titled “Exosome Based Multivalent Vaccine: Achieving Potent Immunization, Broaden Reactivity and T Cell Response with Nanograms of Proteins Without Any Adjuvant.”
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