Cancer Antibodies Inc. Unveils Ground-Breaking Biomarker Discovery for Breast Cancer, Including Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

New results reported at AACR 2024 Annual Meeting
On April 9, 2024, in a major leap forward in the battle against cancer, the non-profit cancer research organization Cancer Antibodies Inc. (CAI) announced a significant breakthrough in breast cancer research. Utilizing its innovative Oncotope Platform, CAI has identified and therapeutically validated a novel biomarker that exists as a surface antigen on breast cancer cells, including triple-negative breast cancer cells, while residing internally on the endoplasmic reticulum in normal cells. This discovery was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting. (Editor's note: The CAI Oncotope Platform is designed to rapidly identify multiple cancer-specific targets and simultaneously generate therapeutic antibodies against these targets.)
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