Business Partnering Program with Companies in Japan Announced

On August 23, 2022, BioAssociates, Inc (, a life science marketing consultancy in Japan, announced the launch of an online partnering program for biotech companies from around the world that wish to establish business partnerships with companies in Japan. The program is now accepting applications from potential participating companies, which will be publicly posted on, a life science business matching website operated by BioAssociates. According to Yoshi Obata, CEO of BioAssociates, 20 companies from the United States, France, China, Australia, and other countries have already applied to participate. The business matching will take place on, and participating companies will be contacted directly by interested parties. Any foreign life science company that is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship (common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies, or business strengths, etc.) with Japan's industry should apply. BioAssociates is a business creation and marketing support company, exclusively focusing on the Japanese Life Science and Biotech businesses. The company provides business consulting and marketing solutions which are most appropriate for the Japanese markets. To learn more, visit

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