British Companies Mologic & BioSure Partner on COVID-19 Antibody Self-Test–Innovative Design Suitable for At-Home Self-Test Giving Result in 10 Minutes; Final Validations Underway Ahead of Mass Production

On May 11, 2020, Mologic Ltd, a leading developer of diagnostic technologies, announced today that it has joined forces with BioSure, leading experts in self-testing, to produce a COVID-19 antibody self-test. By combining Mologic’s independently verified COVID-19 lateral flow test with BioSure’s market-leading design, the companies have created a self-test for COVID-19 that can be used without any training being required. The innovative design has been proven to be extremely easy to use, requires only a fraction of a drop of blood, and gives the user his or her own result in just 10 minutes. Since launching the first CE-marked HIV self-test in 2015, BioSure has become a world leader in self-testing. The BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self-Test will be ready for mass production at the beginning of June. It will be available to the UK and global markets and will also be available to be directly purchased by end-consumers. Building on a longstanding partnership, materials for all of Mologic’s COVID-19 diagnostics are being supplied to the Institut Pasteur de Dakar in Senegal who will manufacture tests for the African continent at their flagship facility diaTROPiX in Dakar. Since March, alongside the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and St George’s, University of London; leading laboratories across the world have partnered with Mologic to rapidly iterate, improve, and validate the company’s COVID-19 diagnostic prototypes and independently assess performance. Mark Davis, Co-Founder & CEO, Mologic said, “Mologic is thrilled to be partnering with BioSure on this COVID-19 self-test, which will enable people to quickly and safely test for antibodies to the virus in their own home.
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