Black Microbiologists Association (BMA) Highlighted at American Society for Virology 2022 Annual Meeting

Dr. Chelsey Spriggs

At the recent American Society for Virology (ASV) annual meeting 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin, a young Black woman and Board Member of the Black Microbiologists Association (BMA) Chelsey Spriggs (photo), PhD, delivered a special State-of-the-Art Lecture entitled "Hijacking Host Motors for the Nuclear Entry of Polyomaviruses." At the end of her stimulating presentation, Dr. Spriggs highlighted the BMA. Dr. Spriggs is an Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan’s Departments of Cell Biology and Development and Microbiology and Immunology (DNA tumor viruses-host cell entry) and Research Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan's Life Sciences Institute (LSI). Dr. Spriggs is also Treasurer of the BMA. (See more on Dr. Spriggs and her microbiology journey at end.)

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