BioQuick Says Dump Trump Now; Mean School-Yard Bully Has No Place in America’s Highest Office

One only has to view the 30-second video (see below) of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter to conclude that Mr. Trump has absolutely no place in the sacred office of President of the United States of America. America was born from the urge to always do what is right, regardless of the cost or consequence; to always stand up to power to protect the oppressed and the downtrodden. You need not have one single nickel to qualify for President of the United States; what you do need is courage, honor, and the driving desire to always do what is right. Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have fought and died to protect and preserve the sacred values that are at the core of America's unique existence and place in the world. While Trump apparently feels quite free to mock a disabled reporter who has had the nerve to ask him a probing question, he is the last person to get involved in a real fight. Much like his much shorter (5'8") forebear Dick Cheney, Trump avoided the Vietnam War draft four times and finally secured a highly dubious permanent deferrment on the basis of an obscure foot problem--perhaps an early identificaion of his "foot-in-mouth" problem. [Video of Trump mocking disabled reporter]
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