BioQuick News Seeks Financial Support for Continued Excellent Coverage of Life Science & Medicine

In order to maintain and expand its award-winning coverage of important advances in life science and medicine, BioQuick News is actively seeking financial support from institutions and individuals. The global publication has been hailed as “one of the best biology blogs on the planet” and its 7,300 articles over the last 10 years have documented tremendous progress in life science and medicine in a timely manner. BioQuick News wishes now to extend its scope by hiring freelance writers and multimedia experts to increase the penetration of this exceptional news organ and educational publication. Platinum sponsorships are available for $5,000/year; gold for $4,000/year; silver for $3,000/year; and bronze for $2,000/year; simple sponsorships are available for $1,000/year; those contributing less than $1,000/year are termed supporters. All sponsors/supporters will be called out in a special section on the BioQuick News site with the size of the callout and page position determined by the magnitude of the sponsorship. All sponsors/supporters will be entitled to reduced-rate advertising in BioQuick.
Platinum      free advertising
Gold            80% reduction
Silver           60% reduction
Bronze         40% reduction
Simple         20% reduction
Supporters   10% reduction
Currently, ads in BioQuick reach an audience of 7,100 followers on LinkedIn (virtually all are professional scientists, physicians, biotechsters, students) and 1,100 subscribers to periodic highlights (these subscribers are generally exosome scientists).
Ads run along the top of the page as banner ads or along the side of the page as margin ads. The ballpark price for either type of ad is $250/month.
All sponsors/supporters will receive special consideration for publication of press releases and summaries of peer-reviewed articles.
All sponsors/supporters may place a direct link to BioQuick News on their web site.
All sponsors/supporters can say that they are contributing to the wide dissemination of important life science and medical advances, and serving as supporters of broad science and medical education around the world.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor/supporter of BioQuick News, please contact Editor & Publisher Mike O’Neill at, 1-914-374-1277. Please see additional information and testimonials below.
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