BioQuick Editor Wins Medical Writing Award

BioQuick News editor & publisher Michael D. O’Neill has been awarded an APEX 2009 award for publication excellence in the category of health and medical writing. Mr. O’Neill received his award for an article entitled “Surprising Finding Points to Possible Treatment for Huntington Disease.” The article was published in the Huntington Disease (HD) Lighthouse online magazine. The annual APEX awards recognize excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and overall communication effectiveness. Other APEX 2009 winners included individuals/publications from the Walt Disney Company, Sandia National Laboratories, Time Inc., Cleveland Clinic, Lockheed Martin, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, AARP, WGBH, Toyota, Ford, Bank of America, Mount Sinai Medical Center, ESPN, Elsevier, US DOE, Charles Schwab, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Roche, Cisco, Xerox, Weber Shandwick, Sun Microsystems, and Eli Lilly. [APEX Awards] [Winning article]
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