Biological Dynamics to Present Data Demonstrating Clinical Utility of ExoVerita™ Exosome-Isolation Platform for Detection of Early-Stage Cancers at Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2023)

Biological Dynamics, a company developing and commercializing its ExoVeritaTM platform for early disease diagnostics, announced that Harmeet Dhani, MD, MSc, Medical Director will present at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2023) in Santa Clara, California. Dr. Dhani’s PMWC presentation on Thursday, January 26th is part of the Clinical Utility of Liquid Biopsies track and will be given at 10:15 AM PST. The track focuses on how liquid biopsy technologies facilitate detection of early-stage cancer, which could help contribute to improving patient outcomes rates and reduce the need for invasive diagnostic procedures. Biological Dynamics’ ExoVerita platform targets extracellular vesicles (EVs) in blood, isolating exosomes to detect biomarkers of early-stage cancers. Its first product is an assay for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) assay that identifies exosomal PDAC-associated protein biomarkers, detecting Stage 1 and 2 pancreatic cancers with high sensitivity, a key advantage of the technology. Dr. Dhani’s presentation will discuss the implication of exosomes, the ExoVerita technology platform, review a subject case study, and provide an overview of the preliminary data in multi-cancer early detection and the ExoLuminate registry trial (NCT05625529) which enrolled its first subject in December.

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