Biological Dynamics Presents Data at AACR 2023 Highlighting Exosome-Based, ExoVerita Platform-Enabled Earlier Detection of Pancreatic and Lung Cancers; Results Demonstrate ExoVita Assays, Performed on the Proprietary Platform, Delivered Excellent Early-Stage Cancer Detection

Biological Dynamics, a life sciences company focused on developing and commercializing exosome isolation technology for earlier disease detection, presented data showing how the company’s ExoVerita™ platform can be utilized for early detection of lung and pancreatic cancers at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, April 14-19. A case study of early pancreatic cancer management will also be discussed at the meeting. Biological Dynamics will exhibit its technology and early cancer detection assays at AACR booth #1368. “We are developing a clinical tool to enable early disease detection in order to improve patient survival outcomes for the most challenging cancers,” said Harmeet Dhani, MD, MSc, Medical Director at Biological Dynamics. “Pancreatic and lung cancers are two of the deadliest cancers in the U.S., as they are often diagnosed in late stages, making treatment more difficult and lowering survival chances. Our data clearly demonstrate the ExoVerita platform, with its assay applications, can detect important cancers earlier than standard-of-care approaches using a new generation of biomarkers and technology. Surveillance of high-cancer-risk individuals with these new methods should proceed.”
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