Biological Dynamics Is Transforming Exosome Research and Advancing Liquid Biopsy with Its Proprietary ExoVerita Pro Platform

Biological Dynamics, a privately held San Diego-based company, is poised to revolutionize exosome/extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation and enrichment by addressing current research challenges and ultimately driving new liquid biopsy advancements. Biological Dynamics has developed an automated bench-top device, ExoVerita Pro, that uses alternating current electrokinetics (ACE) (see details below) to separate exosomes/EVs from other material in small samples of plasma (50-250 ┬ÁL). The platform offers a simple and automated workflow to enrich exosomes and EVs, bypassing many fundamental limitations of current isolation technologies. This technology is superior to the current exosome/EV separation methods such as ultracentrifugation and column purification in terms of purity and reproducibility and in process time, reducing it from days to hours. 

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