Biological Dynamics Has Announced Early Access Program to Its ExoVerita™ Pro Platform for Isolating Exosomes/EVs

Easy-to-use, proprietary technology platform transforms exosome research by automating isolation and accelerating exosome-derived insights into human health and disease

On November 8, 2023, Biological Dynamics, Inc., a leader in exosome-isolation technology, announced the first opportunity for external users to access the company’s ExoVerita Pro, a cost-efficient, automated exosomal enrichment platform that delivers samples with best-in-class yields, purity, and reproducibility. “Technology is revolutionizing our understanding and management of some of our most challenging diseases,” said Paul R. Billings, MD, PhD, CEO and Director of Biological Dynamics. “Data suggests that exosomes play an important role in human health and in decoding diseases. Providing researchers with a more reliable, rapid, and easy-to-use option for capturing exosomes brings us closer to our corporate mission: never diagnosing a disease too late.”

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