Bio-IT World Conference & Expo—Day 1  

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2024 (April 15-17) opened on Monday, April 15, and featured six full-day deep-dive symposia on the topics of FAIR Data; Knowledge Graphs; Quantum Computing; Automation, Digital Lab, and Robotics; Digital Biopharma; and Digitization of Clinical Development and Clinical Trials. The day also included eight technical workshops. The theme of this 23rd annual conference is “Building a Global Network for Precision Medicine.” The event has attracted nearly 3,000 attendees (in-person and virtual) from 30-plus countries around the world. A discussion of certain of the sessions in the day’s deep-dive symposia is given below, along with a description of the day’s closing plenary keynote address by Daniel Stanzione, Executive Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

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