At PMWC 2023, Certis Oncology Exhibits on Functional Precision Oncology Using Orthotopic Patient-Derived Xenograft (O-PDX) Models in Mice

Certis Oncology was a prominent exhibitor at the recently concluded Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2023) (January 25-27) in Santa Clara, California. Speaking with BioQuick News, Kristein King, Vice President, Certis Oncology Marketing, said that Certis Oncology is leading thefunctional precision oncology category within personalized medicine. The following material is a summary of Ms. King’s comments to BioQuick News. Unlike genetic/tumor profiling, functional testing involves directly exposing a patient’s cancer cells to a variety of potential treatment options to evaluate relative efficacy and guide clinical decision-making. A variety of test systems can be used in functional testing, including 2- and 3-dimensional cells cultured in vitro (i.e., organoids), fruit flies, zebrafish, and mice—the animal model most commonly used in cancer research.

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