At PMWC 2019, Yinuoke CEO Argues for Massive Effect of Drugs Targeting Late-Stage Tumor-Induced Immune Disorder (TID), 30% of Cancer Deaths Could Be Prevented, Dr. Lingbing Zhang Claims; Two Prominent Oncologists Endorse Yinuoke’s Novel Approach

Immunotherapy was a major theme of the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2019) at Santa Clara, California, this January 21-23 and on the second day of the three-day main conference, Lingbing Zhang, PhD, Founder & CEO of Yinuoke Limited, a clinical-stage biotech company, gave an especially interesting presentation in which he described his company’s efforts to combat problems typically encountered in the late stages of cancer, namely tumor-induced immune disorder (TID) and cachexia, termed “The Last Illness” in a Nature article ( Dr. Zhang’s presentation focused on three major points: TID can bring massive damage to the host; TID impacts efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors; and a new direction to develop cancer treatment can pursued by targeting TID. Dr. Zhang founded Yinuoke, Ltd., in 2016 with the specific purpose of discovering and developing innovative cancer treatments by targeting TID. Dr. Zhang believes that Yinuoke is the first company to develop new cancer treatments by targeting TID. The new term “tumor-induced immune disorder (TID)” was first proposed by Yinuoke, because the company believes this term more accurately describes the immune status of cancer patients at the late stage of disease. If you look at the blood of patients with late -stage cancer, you will always see severely imbalanced immune cell populations, such as high neutrophils and low lymphocytes, Dr. Zhang asserts, and you will see multiple dramatically elevated cytokines.
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