ASHG President Cythia Morton, Ph.D., Welcomes Over 6,000 Attendees to San Diego 2014

The following is ASHG President Cytnia Morton’s, Ph.D., welcome to the over 6,000 attendees at the our 2014 ASHG Annual Meeting in San Diego on Friday, October 17, 2014. Dr.Morton is also Willliam Lambert Richardson Professore of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology and Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School; and Director of Cytogenetics, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “San Diego is a terrific city in which we have met on several previous occasions and where we have enjoyed our visits together immensely, Dr. Morton began. The theme I have chosen for this meeting is “The Time of Our Lives.” I have had the good fortune over the past 35 years to have a career as a human and medical geneticist, and I can assure you that in every one of those years I have witnessed important discoveries. Never before, however, has it been so clear that the study of the human genome will impact human health and medicine in such a profound way. With that perspective, it is a moment of great privilege and responsibility, and the path we take now will be a legacy for humankind. It is surely “The Time of Our Lives” as human geneticists. Our annual meeting is a wonderful reunion of geneticists from across the lifespan and from around the globe--from those who are the founders of our discipline to the trainees who will become our future leaders. Here we embrace old friends and make new ones, we celebrate remarkable accomplishments of colleagues, and we witness progress not imagined only a few short years ago. We work hard and we play hard, and we have “The Time of Our Lives”.
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