ASHG Honors Molly Przeworski, PhD, with 2023 ASHG Scientific Achievement Award

Dr. Molly Przeworski

On July 25, 2023, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) named Molly Przeworski, PhD, as the 2023 recipient of the ASHG Scientific Achievement Award. Dr. Przeworski is a Professor of Biological Sciences and of Systems Biology at Columbia University. This annual award, which includes a $10,000 award, recognizes genetics and genomics researchers who have made significant scientific contributions during the past decade. “Dr. Przeworski is an exceptional scientist who has a clear sense of important problems at the intersection of population genetics, evolutionary biology, and genomic data analysis,” said ASHG President Brendan Lee, MD, PhD. “Her research has stood out for its clarity and scope, setting the standard for drawing inferences about selection, recombination, and mutation using genomic data. We are honored to present her with the ASHG Scientific Achievement Award this year for her efforts to conduct this important research.” The award was announced ahead of the ASHG 2023 Annual Meeting November 1-5 in Washington, DC.

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