ASHG Announces Seven 2023 Professional Award Winners, Ahead of 2023 Annual Meeting (November 1-5) in DC

On July 25, 2023, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) announced the recipients of the ASHG 2023 professional awards, which honor outstanding scientific achievements, as well as significant contributions to genetics and genomics education and application of research for the common good.  Short descriptions of each winner’s important work are below, with links to full press releases about each. ASHG will recognize this year’s award winners in the weeks prior to the Society’s annual meeting with a series of videos honoring their accomplishments. The honorees include Drs. Neil Risch, Nancy Cox, Molly Przeworski, Jennifer Posey, Karen Miga, Dianna Milewicz, and Lei-Shih Chen. Registration for the ASHG 2023 Annual Meeting, taking place November 1-5 in Washington, DC, is now open. Please visit the ASHG’s website for more information on the Meeting.

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