ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting on Exosomes/Extracellular Vesicles—Saturday Highlights

Saturday’s morning session (October 1) of the ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting in Asilomar, California consisted of five 20-minute presentations and six 5-minute short talks. The 20-minute presentations included Dirk Dittmer of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill reporting on “Imaging Individual EVs and Their Protein Components by Super-Resolution Microscopy;” Michiel Pegtel of VU Amsterdam describing how “CD63-Nanoluc Sensors Reveal Novel EV Biogenesis Mediators and Drug Targets;” In-San Kim of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) discussing “Molecular Transplantation on Membrane and Intracellular Delivery of Biomolecules by Fusogenic EVs for Cancer Immunotherapy;” Ke Chen of North Carolina State University speaking on “Engineering EVs to Combat Lung Diseases and COVID-19;” and Gagan Deep of Wake Forest University describing “A Novel Liquid-Biopsy-Based Approach to Isolate and Characterize Adipose Tissue-Derived EVs from Blood.”

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