ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting on Exosomes/Extracellular Vesicles—Friday Highlights

Friday’s morning session (September 30) of the ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting in Asilomar, California consisted of six 20-minute presentations and six 5-minute short presentations. The 20-minute presentations included Wei Gao of the University of Pennsylvania speaking about “Extracellular Vesicles in Immune Suppression and Tumor Progression;” Kendall Jensen of TGen speaking on “Brain-Enriched Extracellular RNAs in Plasma, Urine, and CSF;” Saumya Das of Harvard/Mass General speaking on “Investigating a Functional Role for EVs in Modulating Disease Signaling Pathways in Organ-on-Chip Models;” Susanne Gabrielson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm discussing “Dendritic Cell Derived EVs for Cancer Immunotherapy;” Yongjie Yang of Tufts University describing “Cell-Type-Specific Exosome Signaling in Neurodegenerative Diseases;” and Kiana Buttiens from KU Leuven in Belgium describing an “Ultrasensitive in Vivo BLI Tool for Non-Invasive Detection of Tumor Cells Receiving Genetic Information via EVs.”

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