ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting on Exosomes/Extracellular Vesicles–Final Day Highlights

Monday (October 3) was the final day of the five-day ASEMV/AAEV 2022 Annual Meeting in Asilomar, California. Monday’s morning session consisted of six 20-minute presentations and six 5-minute short presentations. The 20-minute presentations featured Shinichi Kano of University of Alabama speaking on “Blood EVs and Associated Molecules in Brain Function and Behavior;” Bing Sun of UCSF/VA describing “Biomarker Discovery for Cognitive Decline Via Neuronal EVs Using Multiplexed Assays;” Takahisa Nakamura of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital discussing the “Role of Hepatocyte-Derived EVs in the Regulation of Immunometabolism;” Shi-He Liu of University of Toledo, USA describing “Smart Exosome-Enhanced Tumor Targeting Drug Delivery for Efficient PDAC Therapies;” Jeffrey Savas of Northwestern University discussing how “Exosomes Mediate Local Neuronal Communication Through Notch Activation;” and Xiaohua Huang of the University of Memphis describing “Dual Imaging Single Vesicle Technology for Exosome Characterization and Cancer Detection.”

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