Agilent Technologies Shares Its Vision for Precision Medicine at ASHG 2015 Conference; Single-Cell Analysis, Liquid-Biopsies, and Enhanced Bioinformatics Are Emphasized

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) is sharing its vision for precision medicine this week at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genomics (ASHG) in Baltimore, Maryland (October 6-10). The conference is a forum for discussing recent advances in all areas of human genetics. “As new technologies and greater understanding of the causes and pathways of diseases are moving through the research-clinical continuum, they are driving a revolution in precision medicine—a revolution that is enabling physicians to identify and treat maladies earlier, more effectively, and at a lower cost,” said Herman Verrelst, Agilent Vice President and General Manager, Genomics Solutions Division and Clinical Applications Division. “Precision medicine requires precision genomics,” he said. “Agilent is focusing its efforts on developing solutions for human and reproductive genetics and cancer genetics. Our latest products, which we are showcasing at ASHG, demonstrate how Agilent is enabling clinical researchers to detect disease-associated genetic changes faster, more cost-effectively, and with confidence.” A speaker at the conference, Verrelst noted that Agilent has initiatives in place to develop products for single-cell and liquid-biopsy analyses and is currently collaborating with key laboratories. These initiatives, he said, will be important in screening for and tracking genetic changes in reproductive and cancer samples. In addition, he said, Agilent’s recent acquisition of Cartagenia enhances its bioinformatics portfolio and provides customers with access to clinical-grade data-interpretation support software to visualize, assess, and report clinical genetics data in the context of patient information.
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