Advertising Opportunities in BioQuick® News

BioQuick® News covers breaking news on scientific and medical advances around the globe and offers advertising opportunities to reach a broad range of scientists, physicians, biotech company leaders, and students. BioQuick News has just undergone renovation to provide advertising opportunities and will be able to give you pricing details soon. The recommended dimensions for ads in BioQuick News are as follows: horizontal banner ad: 720 pixels X 90 pixels; square margin ad: 300 pixels X 300 pixels; and rectangular margin ad: 300 pixels X 600 pixels. BioQuick News currently has sophisticated readers in over 160 countries and averages 3,000-6,000 page views per month with an almost daily posting of new stories. BioQuick News stories also have a large following (>6,000) on Editor & Publisher Mike O’Neill’s Linked-In page. Please contact us immediately if you have an interest in advertising in BioQuick News. You may contact Mike O’Neill at 914-374-1277 or via email at

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