$5 Million Grant Bets on Computational Biology and AI to Change the Future of Cancer

The Biswas Family Foundation and Milken Institute announce funding to establish a center for computational cancer biology at Gladstone Institutes, led by Senior Investigator Katie Pollard.

Katie Pollard, PhD

A multidisciplinary research team at Gladstone Institutes, led by Senior Investigator Katie Pollard, PhD, has received $5 million in funding through a newly launched grant program designed to ignite a fresh wave of cancer discoveries using computational biology and artificial intelligence (AI). The new Transformative Computational Biology Grant Program from the Biswas Family Foundation, in partnership with the nonpartisan think tank Milken Institute, is providing a total of nearly $14 million to five research groups. At Gladstone, the grant establishes the Biswas Center for Transformative Computational Cancer Biology, where scientists will fuse powerful machine learning with cutting-edge experimental technologies to help identify and prioritize which research avenues are most likely to lead to success in the area of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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