2020 Cotterman Awards Recognize Two Outstanding Recent Articles in the American Journal of Human Genetics in Which First Authors Are Young Trainees and Members of the ASHG; Awards Described at ASHG 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (October 27-30)

Each September, the editorial board of The American Journal of Human Genetics, selects two articles that best represent outstanding contributions to the field of genetics. The two awards are presented for the best papers published in AJHG during the previous year, on which the first author was either a pre- or post-doctoral trainee and is an ASHG member. The awards each feature a $1,000 prize and accompanying plaque and are normally presented as part of the annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting each year. This year’s ASHG meeting is virtual. The 2020 recipients are Xiaowen Tian (photo at top left) and Andrew Glazer (photo at bottom left), PhD. Xiawn Tian is a PhD student in Biostatistics at the University of Washington. She graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Mathematics and Statistics and is working with Dr. Sharon Browning on topics related to population genetics. Currently, Ms. Tian is working on estimating genome-averaged mutation rate. In the long run, Ms. Tian is interested in extend the work to a shorter region of the genome. Ms. Tian’s award-winning article was published in the November 7, 2019 issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics and is titled “Estimating the Genome-wide Mutation Rate with Three-Way Identity by Descent” (https://www.ashg.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/20202-Cotterman-Award-Xiaowen-Tian.pdf). Andrew Glazer, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) laboratory of Dr. Dan Roden. Dr. Roden is Interim Director, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine; Director, Oates Institute for Experimental Therapeutics; Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, and Biomedical Informatics; and Senior Vice President for Personalized Medicine at VUMC. Dr. Glazer joined Dr. Roden’s lab in 2015.
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