10th World Conference on Personalized Medicine to Be Held January 24-27, 2016 in Silicon Valley; Unprecedented Gathering of Luminaries in Rapidly Advancing Field That Promises to Change Medicine Forever

The Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2016 will be held in Silicon Valley California, January 24-27, 2016. This will be the tenth annual PMWC and it promises to be an incredible gathering of major players in a field that is moving forward with astonishing speed and promises to revolutionize the practice of medicine. There will over 150 distinguished speakers and thousands of attendees from many areas of science and medicine. There are presently more than 70 corporate sponsors, and 25+ media partners. Detailed information on PMWC 2016 can be obtained at http://2016sv.pmwcintl.com/home. Conference session major themes include Genetics-Informed Personalized Immunotherapy, Non-Invasive Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Patients, The Microbiome—A Modifiable Biomarker, Data Solutions in Clinical Genomics, The Role of Practicing Pathologists in Personalized Medicine,, and Expansion of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. Four highly distinguished scientists will be recognized with awards. “Luminary Awards” will go to Laura Esserman, M.D., MBA, Director, Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, Professor of Surgery and Radiology, UCSF, Associate Director, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Care Center, and to Roger Perlmutter, M.D., Ph.D., President, Merck Research Laboratories. “Pioneer Awards” will be presented to Ralph Snyderman, M.D, Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, and to Irving Weissman, M.D., Director, Institute of Stem Cell Biology& Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine.
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